Officially Applied for Our 501(c)(3) Status

Yesterday, we officially applied for our 501(c)(3) status that gives us the ability to work and help our people in a way that we could not do before. With this IRS designation, all our grant recipients will never have to worry about an income tax excised onto them unjustly for the financial support we give them.

It also means that for our donors, they can make good use of the tax-deductible status allowed to donors that give to our charity and causes. For every donation made, we will email a receipt that they can include in their yearly tax returns.

We have also established partnerships with Chase™ and Bank of America™ to help our recipients access tax-free grants in a much easier way than the old school paper check.

We are so excited for what is yet to come and thank everyone that has supported us thus far.

With extreme gratitude,

Maria Espino,
Founder and President

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